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  • Architectural Plans

    Buy Architectural plan/3D Designs
  • Do the floor plans meet code requirements?
    Yes! The floor plans meet the IRC Code requirements for New Mexico state. However, the code may vary by state. If you have any doubt do not hesitate to contact us.
  • What does "EDITABLE .SKP" mean?"
    The "EDITABLE .SKP" is the Sketchup 3D model of the house. Ideal to modify the design of the house as desired. It includes the following: 3D of the house with basic forniture and appliances 2D of the house 3D of the concrete/slab model
  • What does "EDITABLE .LAYOUT" mean?"
    The "EDITABLE .LAYOUT" is the LayOut (Sketchup) 2D file. Ideal to make floor plan's modifications. It includes the following editables sections: Architectural Floor Plan Concrete Plan Plumbing Plan Electrical 3D Views Elevations Lumber Usage Specifications Lumber Waste Control Table Construction Notes and Details
  • What does "EDITABLE .TM" mean?"
    The "EDITABLE .TM" is the Twinmotion 3D file. Ideal for presentations, texture testing, and picture and video renders in HD and 4K. It includes the following: 3D Model of the House Textures and objects (as seen in pictures and videos) Complete forniture and appliances Outside design House finishes
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